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Political Theory, March 26


I love Marx, and I love Rousseau. I love political philosophy. But I sure am tired of writing papers about “man” and how “he” is alienated from “himself,” because it’s simply not appropriate to use “people” in combination with non-gendered pronouns for the entire paper and lord knows they never once refer to the effects of political ideology or the system’s organization on the female experience of the world.

The Tiny House Movement


The Tiny House Movement

I’ve settled on a dream in life. It’s a small one (ha ha ha), but I think it will change things in a really big, beautiful way for me. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for about a year now, and as it stands now it’s what I want in my future more than anything else. I want to build a home, with my own hands (and the help of others, because I’m sure I can’t do it alone). And I want it to be tiny, minimal, and all that I really need.

This is definitely a little bit of my father in me, who also has a bit of the “Tiny House” mentality in him, though he does it a little differently.