Living socially aware


The fact of the matter is, if you aren’t waking up in the morning mad as hell at the state of society around you, you’re probably benefiting from the structures that oppress others and you probably don’t even realize the extent of it. Likewise, if you aren’t aware, and you don’t care, you accept the system. Your complacency and ignorance is as good as consent. And allow me to be blunt here, just once. If you consent to the system the way it is, you’re dead to me.

One thought on “Living socially aware

  1. Although the words are seemingly “harsh,” it’s a truth everyone needs to accept and be active in the change. I’ve just started a blog about linguistics, and my first (and only so far) is about how language is used as capital to oppress and why I’m studying linguistics. I think you’d appreciate it ( I love getting feedback or ideas for posts (if you are curious about specific parts of linguistics, etc), I’m totally open to suggestions 🙂

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